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Eca Eps: From Chibok To Calais

Exhibition: Thurs 7 September – Sat 11 November 2017 (Tues-Sat, 12-5pm)

Additional Events:

Opening Night Launch & ‘Wall’ Event: Thurs 7 September, 6-8pm (FREE, no booking reqd)
Live Event, Moseley Road Swimming Baths’ Laundry Room (w/ Fierce Festival): Sat 21 October, 4pm (FREE, no booking reqd)
DIY Zine/Tote Bag Printmaking Workshop (w/ SHOUT Festival): Sat 11 November, 1pm-2.30pm (£2, book here)

GALLERY EXHIBITION: Thurs 7 September – Sat 11 November 2017

Ort Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition by Eca Eps, a British-Nigerian artist whose work intervenes on the shifting contest around rights and freedoms, centering on imposition, conflict and territorial struggles. Her practice often employs expansive and multi-disciplinary strategies and media including film, photography, sculpture, installation and performative action using speech and text as intervention.

In From Chibok To Calais, elements of soil and water are used to navigate the spacial and temporal process of migration by employing a tactile approach to displacement and survival. Bringing together seemingly disparate geopolitical concerns, the installation and performance interweaves the various concerns as universal. The materials present in the show are used to question the varying degrees of public participation and complicity as bystanders, opponent or activist.

LIVE EVENT: Sat 21 October, 4pm (Moseley Road Swimming Baths’ Laundry Room)

Taking momentum from one of the key issues shaping public debate, artist Eca Eps explores the chaos presented by conflict and migration and civic nationalism. Utilising elements of speech, sound and play in a participatory performance, the artist draws on the materiality of water as a leveller that cuts across territorial boundaries, with emphasis on its dualistic capacity to constitute both a barrier and a lifeline, underscored by the spatial provenance of a derelict gala pool.

Duration: approx. 30mins // No booking reqd // Limited capacity // This event is not accessible

DIY Zine/Tote Bag Printmaking Workshop Sat 11 November, 1pm-2.30pm (£2, book here)

Eca Eps in collaboration with SHOUT leads a workshop at Ort Gallery in provocative DIY printmaking, using a satirical take on anti-LGBT propaganda and helping you to design and create your own zine or tote bag to take away. All abilities welcome.

New Workshop Series Announced

What is Britishness? Workshop Series

Press Release

Ort Gallery are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Awards for All to run a 9 month long workshop series aimed at homeschooled local children aged 7-13. The workshop series has been devised in collaboration with Femtinos who run creative educational workshops for children in Birmingham. For this workshop series Femtinos will run arts and crafts and science workshops. We will also work with Round Midnight who deliver education and training programs in Birmingham and further afield and who will run drama workshops.

This new workshops series will look at ‘Britishness’ through a variety of lenses such as History, Science, Friendship and Competition. The workshops are aimed at children who are home-schooled in the neighbouring wards of Ort Gallery. The series is open to any homeschooling families. With this workshop series we will promote a positive message about multiculturalism and facilitating dialogue amongst families from all socio-economic and faith backgrounds. We believe teaching and developing these values will help to broaden thought processes within children, leading to more social stability in our neighbourhood.

Looking at Britishness through the headlines of ‘The Earth’, ‘The Human Brain’, ‘Friendship and Unity’, ‘Careers and Aspirations’ and ‘Science, Technology and Maths’ amongst others will allow the children to explore Britishness through a varied approach. The sessions will have an educational element teaching the children about British Nobel Prize winners or Athletes, discussing complex concepts such as the Human Brain and Personality and allowing the children to discover how varied the concept of Britishness can be.

The session will also concentrate on making and every week the children will create new pieces of art such as an erupting volcano, an alien out of fabric, fashion design, a canvas collage, a solar powered car etc. Moreover the sessions will have a performing arts element working with drama and performance techniques allowing the children to express themselves in a variety of ways. The activities will be based on team work and the children will be challenged to work together with other children, to communicate effectively to solve problems jointly, to create new connections and friendships and learn about each others’ cultures in a safe and supervised setting.

The workshops will allow the children to meet other children from other ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds. They will learn and explore that being British is not one thing, that our multi cultural society makes us stronger and that children from other cultures go through the same challenges and successes when growing up.

The workshop series will start in September 2017 and spaces are limited and need to be booked via eventbrite. Sign up to our mailing list so you are kept informed when booking opens: The workshops will take place at Ort Gallery, 500-504 Moseley Road, Birmingham, B12 9AH. Please contact us on or by calling 07938428394 with any questions.