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Front Room took place at Ort Gallery from the 17.07.2013 to the 11.08.2013


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With thanks to Luthien Photography for their documentation shots

Front Room is a life size installation of a traditional British front room found in any terraced property in the UK. The piece is a participatory installation inviting the visitors to experience it first hand. This exhibition comments on the variety of cultures living in modern day Britain and brings to light the subject of assimilation, ways of settling and inclusion of migrants. The artist is interested in issues of cultural assimilation processes with an emphasis on the choices and sacrifices that migrants face when arriving into the new cultural reality. The artist believes that it is not possible to be detached from one’s own heritage and that this often manifests itself as a dormant undercurrent in migrant circles in efforts of inclusion into the society.

Malgorzata Adamowska is a Polish artist who has been living in the UK for 8 years. Adamowska studied at the School of Art, Birmingham City University and Malopolski Uniwersytet Ludowy in Wzdow, Poland. Living in multicultural Birmingham she sources her inspiration from immediate personal experiences as a migrant through the different stages of the assimilation and the process of settling in a new country. Above all she has an interest in the process of cultural hybridisation, which is a new phenomenon brought about by the speed of communication and ease of travel.


The workshop took place on 27.07.2013

For the workshop we have invited Malgorzata Adamowska and Birmingham based mixed media artist Famina B to host this workshop sharing notions of cultural assimilation, memory and items from their art as well as personal artifacts. We invite members of the community to come and share their own stories, memories and bring items that represent your own personal journey and migration.

This Workshop will be in run in partnership with The Drum. The Drum Arts Centre is the UK’s premier Black-led arts centre dedicated to the development, presentation and celebration of African, Asian and Caribbean arts and cultural activities for the benefit of all. As Arts Champions lead for the Hall Green District 2013-14 The Drum are working in partnership with Ort Gallery and the exhibition Front Room, by Malgorzata Adamowksa.

Famina B. deals with pattern and form bringing Muslim women to the forefront of society. Incorporating women in Hijab with a mix of eastern and western motifs adapted by her background and her experience of culture clash. She plays with image, form and perception reflecting the subliminal Muslim female existence. Through her versatile hand drawn patterns digitally manipulated to occupy interior and exterior spaces, humorous images of Muslimah’s are depicted to contrast the harsh view being presented of Islam and Muslims in the world today. B also reflects the idea of religion vs. culture, the two very differing entities that are wrongly classed as being the same, and the cultural exploitation of women that is then blamed on religion. B expresses her personal journey of being a young British Muslim experiencing the chaos and order of being as such. She dabbles in differing mediums currently working with print, sculpture and installation to define her practice.

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