Steering Group

Ort Gallery’s Steering Group plays a crucial role in guiding and advising the directors and project management team, acting as a sounding board, ensuring that it delivers on its social, creative, financial and business objectives, and connecting the company with relevant individuals and organisations within the city.


Ahmed Magare Ahmed is an Artist and Poet
Anna Santomauro
Anna is a Curator and Founder of Vessel
Beryl Jalil Beryl is a local Resident, Artists and Craftsperson and Community Ambassador
Gabriella Eeles
Gaby is a Musician and Accountant 
Hamid Jalil 
Hamid is a local Resident and Artist
John Wigley 
John is an Artist and Fine Art Lecturer at BCU
Pete Nickless
Pete is a Musician, Founder of 1UPDesign, Co-Founder of Pollen
Sarah Coburn Sarah is the Communications Executive at Gateley Plc
Sophia Tarr Sophia is the Events Programme Manager at University of Birmingham
Suriya Aisha Suriya is a Creative Producer and Founder of UNMUTED
Syeda Shah Syeda is the Founder of Femtinos, a Scientist and Community Ambassador
Tony Kennedy
 Tony is a Councillor for Sparkbrook