Steering Group

Ort Gallery’s Steering Group plays a crucial role in guiding and advising the directors and project management team, acting as a sounding board, ensuring that it delivers on its social, creative, financial and business objectives, and connecting the company with relevant individuals and organisations within the city.


Ahmed Magare — Ahmed is an Artist and Poet
Anna Santomauro — Anna is a Curator and Founder of Vessel
Beryl Jalil — Beryl is a local Resident, Artists and Craftsperson and Community Ambassador
Hamid Jalil  — Hamid is a local Resident and Artist
John Wigley — John is an Artist and Fine Art Lecturer at BCU
Pete Nickless — Pete is a Musician, Founder of 1UPDesign, Co-Founder of Pollen
Sarah Coburn — Sarah is the Communications Executive at Gateley Plc
Sophia Tarr —Sophia is a Freelance Artistic Consultant, Events and Project Manager
Sophie Handy – Sophie is a local Artist and Maker
Syeda Shah — Syeda is the Founder of Femtinos, a Scientist and Community Ambassador