Artist Membership

(n. excessive enthusiasm, from Schwarm, n. swarm)

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Schwarmerei is Ort Gallery’s Membership Programme. As an artist-led organisation, our artistic membership programme is important to us as it allows us to connect with local artists at varying points in their careers. Our membership aims to provide vital opportunities and artistic support, as well as allowing us to form a community of visual artists that can connect and create with us and one another.

For only £50 per year (£40 discount) you can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits – including special invites, free professional development events, opportunities and discounts from us and our partners.

Members Show 2022

Members are also able to submit for our annual Members Show. The submissions for our 2022 show are now closed.

Every year we exhibit the art work of our members in a group show celebrating the best new local talent!

More info about the show here

Professional Development Sessions & Videos

We run regular professional development sessions followed by a social. These are free to members. We cover topics such as “How to sell your art work” to “How do I become a curator?”.

Membership provides vital support to the gallery and our commitment to artistic excellence and social impact in Birmingham and beyond. In a changing political landscape where the arts are less and less supported it is only with the support of our members that we are able to exhibit contemporary work representing underrepresented voices and increase the engagement of  local residents in the arts.

Member Benefits

At the cost of just £50 per year, you can enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • An Artist Membership Resource Pack to aid your artistic journey
  • Opportunity to submit and have your work included in our annual Members Show
  • Free Professional Development sessions and videos
  • Peer to Peer Crits
  • Special Members Events
  • Discounts on our public programme events
  • Workshop opportunities
  • Opportunities, offers and invites from our Partner Organisations
  • One to one sessions with the Ort Gallery team
  • and more!

Make sure friends and family don’t miss out by buying them a Gift Membership too.

We are committed to widening access and opportunity regardless of income. If you cannot afford a membership please contact us for a free space.

If you have any queries re membership please contact us directly at [email protected]