Epiphany (Temporaire) Opening Event | Ort On The Road

ICF @ Block 336 25 August 2023
6:00 pm

Join us for the Opening Event of Epiphany (Temporaire) a solo exhibition of new work by artist Exodus Crooks curated by Orphée Kashala.

The exhibition is a partnership between Ort Gallery and ICF, and is presented as part of ICF’s residency at Block 336.

Exodus Crooks’ work for this exhibition includes sculpture, film, text, and sculptural installation. They are invested in a process of carving out (sometimes literally) dialogues and bringing thoughts to the surface, from the layers of history, heritage and culture around them. In this interrogation of domestic and familiar surfaces, Exodus is investigating the embodiment and repository of memories, histories and traditions, inherited, stored and transferred through time and shared space. A succession of profound experiences converge within the exhibition to form an allegory of personal stories of love, loss and pain.

Epiphany (Temporaire) invites us to witness, with reverence, as Exodus takes an inward journey, a slow walk home, a look inside. They place the creative process alongside the process of self-discovery, and search for self through creativity, home through imagination, and heritage through interrogation. In doing so, they reveal that who we are and our imagination are converging parallels, meeting on the horizon, and therefore diverging as we get closer to them. In this body of work, Exodus is deconstructing the idea of a linear self and setting a precedent for a multidimensional exploration of creativity and self-determination.