Family Frame Show and Tell event

Ort Gallery 9 October 2021
11:00 am

In celebration of the ‘Out of the Frame’ exhibition by Ranbir Kaur, we would love to invite you to take part in our Family Frame Show and Tell event. Join us on October 9th at 11am and share the arts and crafts in your life that are special to you. We warmly welcome your stories and treasured memories as we honour the beauty of South Asian craftwork!

We will host this event as a show and tell format where we invite you to bring something in (the item itself or a picture of it) to show everyone and share its story. The purpose of the event is to share the stories and memories attached to the crafts we have and recognise not only the physical beauty of South Asian crafts but also the personal meaning and significance these crafts have in the lives of the people who own them.
You can bring garments, figurines, pottery, paintings, embroidery, toys, family heirlooms, hand-me-downs, something that belongs/belonged to a relative, something that reminds you of a relative, something that makes you think of family or makes you feel at home. Just as long as it’s hand crafted. If the item is related to specific family member(s) then you can bring a photograph to show everyone as well. You can share a personal memory you have in relation to the item (e.g. a childhood memory) or an interesting story attached to the item.
This event is led by artist Ranbir Kaur and curator Jaleesa Padmore.