I Read I Write | Poetry Evening

Ort Gallery 22 January 2020
6:00 pm

For this event Ort Gallery have partnered with Writers Without Borders, a Birmingham-based group of writers from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Some have lived in England for many years and others have arrived in the country quite recently. The group was formed almost two decades ago and keeps waxing stronger by the day. The group includes professional, semi-professional, new and emerging writers.

The group has published a number of anthologies of poetry and prose, and has taken part in a number of events in Birmingham. In addition the group also organizes performances of their work often working in collaboration with other organizations and groups.

The writers will be performing their poetry in front of Laura Boushnak’s exhibition bringing the themes within the exhibition to life.



Lorraine BOYCE
Sayyara SYED
Michael GEORGE



Femi is a Birmingham-based writer. His writings are influenced by his environment, background and everyday experiences. He has two published collections of poetry -That Long Walk (2015) and Blonde Grass (2012) both published by Thynks Publications Ltd, Nottingham.

His writings have also appeared in a number of other anthologies and publications. Femi has been a member of Writers Without Borders since 2012.


Lorraine Boyce is a Birmingham performance poet with experience of teaching at all levels in South London and the West Midlands. She is proud to be a member of Writers Without Borders and is in awe of both the words and the life experiences of her fellow writers. Lorraine firmly believes that the foundation of any child’s education should be rooted in their self expression through speech, drama, and creative writing.


Ahmed is a multidisciplinary artist, poet and writer. He is originally from Somalia and migrated with his family to the Netherlands during the Somali civil war, aged three. He later moved to England to pursue his further education in the creative arts. He has two poetry collections. His visual work is rooted in his writing and the themes for his paintings and drawings are influenced by his poems. He joined the group Writers Without Borders some years ago.


Sayyara has always had an interest in writing right from childhood. She has been writing poetry and prose in English and Urdu for over 20 years.

Sayyara enjoys writing on real life issues which are closer to people’s hearts.

She joined Writers Without Borders several years ago. 


Michael is based in Birmingham and apart from writing he enjoys art and music. He has been a long standing member of Writers Without Borders. He enjoys performing his works to a variety of audiences.

This event is funded by Amal (a Saïd Foundation Programme)