Interview with Raju Rage: Recipes for Resistance | New Art West Midlands

Stay at Home 1 October – 17 June 2021

Recipes for Resistance is an interactive multimedia art project from artist Raju Rage, presented by Ort Gallery and featuring five artists: Sabba KhanJasleen KaurNavi Kaur, Raju Rage as well as artist in residence Yas LimeIt explores the politics of food and its relationship to migration, belonging, memory, culture, coloniality, gender, resilience, adaptability and resistance.

Due to the pandemic, the exhibition has has to be moved online for the time being, however this has enabled the conversation around the project to open up online. We speak to Raju Rage about the exhibition and publication, politics and food, the chosen artists and the changes to the project that have had to take place.

Commissioned creative responses to the publication will be shared via our website shortly.

Download and listen to the interview HERE.

The publication can be read here.


With thanks to New Art West Midlands for the interview.