This House Of Ours | A conversation between artist Olivia Twist and curator Aliyah Hasinah

Stay at Home 27 March – 31 October 2021

This event took place in March 2021. You can watch the YouTube video here:


An online conversation between Olivia and Aliyah focussing on platonic intimacy, loving practice and house share dynamics. This event explores Olivia’s work in progress commissioned by Ort Gallery for an exhibition in 2022. Hosted by Danni Ebanks-Ingram, Creative Engagement at Civic Square.

Saturday 27 March, 6pm

Olivia Twist is an Illustrator, Arts Facilitator and Lecturer from east London with an MA in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art. The key threads which can be found in her work are place, the mundane and overlooked narratives. Her striking visual language comprises of a myriad of esoteric layers informed by a propensity for human-centered research methodologies. She is determined to make the arts, heritage institutions and arts education more accessible and representative of their local communities. Olivia has a strong interest in participatory design, relational aesthetics and documenting social history as it unfolds. As a practitioner her aims are to provide her audience with ‘the shock of the familiar’ and to trigger greater intergenerational discussion. Find out more here

Aliyah Hasinah is a curator, writer and filmmaker whose work focuses on decolonial approaches to history and the present day. She curates exhibitions, produces events, festivals, creative strategies, consults on campaigns/projects as well as making films and writing poetry, scripts and shit captions. “It’s important to me that love and care are at the centre of my practice, so we can envision and awake new possibilities for ourselves and others, I believe that’s where the true innovation lives. This sometimes means hard conversations are had but having them enriches the work and understanding further. I will always speak my mind as I have no business speaking everyone else’s minds :)” Find out more here

This conversation will be held in a Zoom webinar format with the opportunity to ask questions.

Organised in collaboration between Ort Gallery and Civic Square. The event is supported by Amal (a Saïd Foundation Programme).