Tools of Rest | resting up collective

Ort Gallery 25 June 2022
2:00 pm

Join ‘resting up collective’ for a 90 minute workshop exploring different tools to aid resting. Following a turbulent two years it is time to prioritise rest and practise care.

This workshop will offer practical tools to introduce resting through creative practise into the everyday. Through writing exercises, discussing readings and collective imagining, ‘resting up collective’ will work with participants to envisage a world in which rest is as important as working.

Participants will be given Resting Toolkits including online resources and writing exercises, to take away and use as the foundations of their ongoing practice of rest.

Nowadays we often think of being productive as the goal yet many bodies are seen as less than if they are not able to meet specific demands. Many of us are sick, tired and in pain. We are, quite simply, not designed to work, sleep, repeat, with weekends the only time for respite.


Tickets are Pay As You Feel + booking fee with free places available to low/unwaged participants. We will have comfort breaks throughout and have a breakout room available.


Accessibility is very important to us and we strive to be as accessible as we can be. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement. Please find our Access Guide here

About resting up collective

resting up collective is an interdisciplinary group of chronically ill and disabled friends practising slowness/crip time to create, think, and interrupt neoliberal pressures and expectations on the body. Slow works in progress, open to all.

resting up collective seeks to make spaces of rest and care a continual communal experience. They work towards a future that facilitates every body, a future that we each have a hand in crafting. A future that accepts the bed as a creative and political site. A future that won’t demand “have you got capacity?” and will accept no for an answer. A future that allows for joy and pleasure seeking, and prioritises this over unsustainable labour demands.