Ways of Belonging | Talk and Tour with the Artists

MAC Birmingham 8 February 2019
6:00 pm

Ways of Belonging | Talk and Tour with the Artists

Join us for a talk and tour of the exhibition with a chance to meet the artists.

Sabiheh Awanzai Mahmoud is a freelance photojournalist, writer and visual artist. She uses photography to subvert and complicate dominant narrative through the practice of decolonial aesthisis. Her current practice seeks to interrogate the fluid concept of belonging whilst growing up in Middle England as a person of dual identities.

FreeHandFanatic is a Muslim Artist/Educator born and raised in Birmingham. She creates hand drawn intricate patterns that start from a central focal point and that become bigger and more complex and as they expand. She uses her art to voice the empowerment of Muslim women and battling stereotypes.

Farwa Moledina grew up in Dubai, U.A.E, and now lives in Birmingham. Her work is concerned with re-appropriating and reclaiming Orientalist imagery of Muslim Women, through which she hopes to unveil the voyeuristic tradition of Western male painters. Through her work, Moledina aims to create more nuanced debate regarding female Muslim identity within the world of contemporary art.

Anisa Fazal is a Birmingham based Photographer working in fine art and documentary photography. Anisa is proud to call Birmingham her Home and her series of photographs depicts a diverse range of Muslim women from across Birmingham, portraying them as who they are; influential and empowering role-models.

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Image: Not Your Fantasy, 2018 © Farwa Moledina