An image of paintbrushes lying on a background of oild paints smiudged on the canvas. In the foreground it says "From art hobby to art business, Okk Arts, unleash the artist

Ways to sell your art

Ort Gallery 9 October 2019
6:30 pm

We run monthly professional development sessions looking at the basics of working in the arts industry. Participants will be able to learn from experts and ask questions in a supportive environment. The sessions will be followed by a social open to all to allow for further discussion and networking.

This session will take place on Wednesday 9th October at 6.30pm (1 hour session followed by 1 hour social) and will look at “Ways to sell your art” with Jaanika Okk from Okk Arts

Ways to sell your art:

  • Different types of galleries and their purpose
  • Online and offline sales
  • Other commercial avenues
  • Establishing your ‘why’. Why do you create and what is your USP (unique selling point)?
  • Goal setting. If anything would be possible, where do you see yourself in 12 months / 3 years / 10 years?
  • Networking and presentation skills.

Okk Arts is an artist development company with an aim to help artists to become gallery ready. Jaanika is a fine artist with printmaking and arts project management background. Her company has helped numerous artists with their development, sales and production. Jaanika works with various galleries to establish what they are looking for. ‘Ways to sell your art’ is a talk which will give you an overview and tools which will help you to establish your main selling avenue.

These sessions are open to anyone, free to Ort Gallery members and £5 for non-members, £3 for students/part-time employees, free to people not in work, £10 for people who can afford it.