Why anti-racist practice is important in the Early Years | Liz Pemberton

Ort Gallery 8 July 2022
11:00 am

The foundation stages of any child’s life are essential in terms of developing a positive sense of self with regards to their racial and cultural identity but how do we as parents and educators help to encourage this against a backdrop of wider structural inequality?

This 60 minute talk by award winning early years anti-racist trainer and consultant Liz Pemberton will be exploring the ways in which we can work collaboratively, with the child at the centre, to ensure that anti-racist approaches are at the heart of our practice in nurseries, schools and at home for children aged 0-5

Who is this talk for: Parents, carers, early years educators, social workers, health visitors


About Liz Pemberton

Liz Pemberton (she/her) is the Director of The Black Nursery Manager Ltd – a training & consultancy company which focuses on anti-racist practice within Early Years. With 16 years in the education sector, Liz’s roles have included Secondary School Teacher (QTS), public speaker and up until 2020, Nursery Manager, allowing her to teach, manage, support and educate Early Years students, practitioners and professionals in a variety of forums.

Her mission is to promote inclusive practice in the Early Years (under 5’s) education sector, with a particular focus on how race, culture and ethnicity should be considered in this practice. During her career, Liz has developed a fantastic network of likeminded practitioners and professionals, broadening her focus from Nursery Management to sharing her expertise through media.

Liz was awarded the 2022 Guardian Angel award at the Glomama Awards and the 2021 Community Unsung She-ro award at the Multicultural Business & Community Champion Awards (MBCC). She is delivering CPD webinars, working closely with Local Authorities to consult on developing anti-racist strategy and collaborating with Early Years organisations to promote best practice in this area, as she knows that this is important and urgent work that we all need to do.