Agency of Realised Worlds | Ort On The Road

Clem Archibald 23 June – 25 August 2023

Leeds unseen talent showcases 6 decades of artwork in a major exhibition

APS Gallery in partnership with Ort Gallery and ICF presents the Agency of Realised Worlds.

An exhibition that celebrates the life work of the Artist Clem Archibald. We invite you to take a first look at Clem’s vibrant and bold paintings that span over 60 years.

“Art has the power to transport an artist from a world they feel a sense of unbelonging into a world of their own imagination, of safety and where they can share their stories. A world where they can be their authentic selves without the fear of prejudice, and harm from others. A world that is unashamedly the WE we seek. These worlds we create carry transformative powers to be able to translate these stories into the real world, so that we can connect, relate, and be moved with exploration. Agency of Realised worlds explores the talented work of Clem, a proud Leeds artist we should all be celebrating. His art is saturated in Leeds history and an untold personal connection which he explores in his paintings. I have been a privileged guest inside Clem’s world and I am so thrilled to be permitted to showcase his paintings in this exhibition. His artwork should be in collections, and I hope that after 60 years this exhibition can form the start of his legacy and a shift in finding and platforming our hidden voices within Leeds.” Sarah Francis, Curator.

This exhibition stems from Ort Gallery and ICF’s Emergence(y) project for emerging curators, which Sarah Francis was selected to participate in in 2021. As part of the project, Francis undertook a period of research and development towards this exhibition with Clem Archibald. Emergence(y) was funded by Arts Council England.