Et in Arcadia Ego

Charlotte Jarvis 10 May – 21 June 2018

Artist Charlotte Jarvis has collaborated with Prof. Hans Clevers and Dr Jarno Drost at the Hubrecht Institute to grow her own tumour.

The tumour is gut cancer that is genetically ‘Charlotte’ – grown from her own cells in the lab and exhibited in installation. The project aims to examine mortality and create a dialogue with and about cancer.

The exhibition is made up of ‘sets’ in which the artist literally waits to meet and eventually confronts her tumour, but also a symbolic space in which the project can be discussed, dissected, communicated and ultimately created.

For more info please read the Press Release here

We invite you to the exhibition opening on the 10 May 6-8pm, free all welcome. The exhibition will be on show at Ort Gallery from 10 May to 21 June 2018.