Identity Parade

Sadie Hennessy 8 November – 14 December 2013

‘She looked in the glass and saw herself….Well, what was it? She knew what she looked like, had for some years thought the refelction interesting, because it was her own; though disappointing, unreliable, subject twenty times a day to blottings out and blurrings, as if a lamp were guttering or extinguished; in any case irremediably imperfect…..All the room’s reflected objects seemed to frame, to present her, whispering: Here are You.’

From Invitation to the Waltz
Rosamond Lehmann

Sadie Hennessy’s exhibition explores themes of identity and personal representation. Her collages, prints and 3D works investigate the role of women in society, especially as they grow older. The work reflects a fascination with the objectification and sexualisation of women in Western culture, and considers how women collude with these processes.