Ort On The Road 2024: An Update

From The Ort Team

In January 2023, we made the difficult decision of leaving our gallery space in Balsall Heath. Since then, we have been programming without a fixed venue and funding; whilst also spending the last year turning inwards, deeply reflecting and working towards finding a way forward for us as an organisation.

It goes without saying that this past year has been an incredibly challenging one. But it hasn’t been without its various joys and wins. So, although we do not currently have a permanent public venue, we are deeply delighted to announce that we are back with a super exciting and fixed programme.

Building on the Warmth work we embarked upon in 2020, our 2024 programme aims to continue placing care and community at the heart of our work. 2024 will see us programming events, exhibitions, workshops, talks, residencies; sharing our Warmth findings; supporting artists and creatives and so much more!

By taking Ort On The Road, we hope to spread Warmth to other physical spaces across Birmingham and beyond via establishing meaningful partnerships and sharing good practice whilst no longer being attached to a single fixed space. In doing so, we aim to provide artists and our wider community with the space and tools to experiment, interrogate, play, demystify, feel and exhibit in Warm environments that we create together.

Ultimately, in this new phase of Ort, we will employ our ethos of Warmth to encourage cultures of experimentation rooted in collective care and liberation on all levels. In doing so, we hope to radically empower, inspire and transform our community, our city, and the wider arts ecology.

With warmth and solidarity from

The Ort Team xxx