AAS Triple Solstice Ritual

Triple Solstice Ritual

AAS 5 July 2014

The Triple Solstice Ritual spreads underfoot and fruits in the coloured light of the prism sun.
Over three assemblings, AAS will transform matter into spirit, moving from one stage to another, via the liminal space of ritual.
The esoteric and the collective are there at all points, but the balance will change between and during each event.
Separation, Limiality, Reaggregation: stages of piercing the veil, allowing transference between earthly and invisible zones
A collective statement of becoming will be produced through action.

Triple Solstice Ritual Pt. 1 (Collecting): The Earthen Disc

21 June 2014, secret location.
“Frequently visit and discipline the inner realm to discover the secret jewel”
Frequently, when two penetrate, they heterogeneous into frenzy
and are the discipline repeated mutually.
Other first, the every incomparable without is inner day worlds at the realm of One. Once
profane to weeks is entering world.
Discover fail that into where relations second secret leave.
With that jewel in daily extraordinary of life powers.
Sacred could the drags that things such conviction wearily excite experiences that along with him as there but to these really the especially exist cannot point.

Triple Solstice Ritual Pt. 2 (Transforming): The Emerald Tao

27 June 2014, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.
“Upon examination the interior of matter contrives rules to conceal its position”
Upon Rehabilitation, The Separated examine ‘Transforming Bill’.
The contrivances of the Emerald Rules reform community Tao.
The Sun at its liminal position.
The plan named ‘Rite Offender’ changes the Rehabilitation,
transforming mother, transformation Bill.
Extended emerald preparation delivered supervision Tao for consultation.
Release a third Transforming Progress Machine,
serving and transforming short substances of revolution.
Pulverising Triple Solstice Earth Ritual
that we may greater manage the flexibility of elements

Triple Solstice Ritual Pt. 3 (Releasing): The Blue V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

5 July 2014, Ort Gallery, Birmingham.
“Visit the underworld regularly to reach the hidden stone.”
Visit plane relationships across fresh, underworld, matter space
and regularly become STARS.
Peak pooling continues and Grindhouse’s trough fracturing exemplary disc.
Hidden giving work, preserving stone; the action.
A sensation.
The moods wet and blue, and earth function crystal realm mystery machine of vibration
splitting separating beneath the beings.
The gorgeous original molecule.
Continual earth film.
Cinematography One.
Changing is offering.
The Scoring, singularity forming, revealed the SWIMMER.