Emergence(y) | Emerging Curators Call Out

Ort Gallery and International Curators Forum (ICF) are looking for 2x emerging curators to work with on a new project called ‘Emergence(y)’. Following the turbulent year of 2020 and the ongoing covid crisis we are looking for proposals from curators that look at the themes of Emergence, Care and/or Warmth.

Over the past 10 months Ort Gallery have gone through a period of self-reflection and review where we established our working method ‘Warmth’. We believe that the arts sector needs to become more caring, supportive and accountable in order to be truly inclusive and ensure marginalised and under-served creatives and audiences feel part of it. We want to support the people we work with by empathising and trusting them. Going forward we want Warmth to underpin all the work that we do because care is radical.

We have a strong desire to apply Warmth to our public programme by allowing the curators as much agency and freedom over the project as they require whilst supporting them throughout. We therefore invite you to submit your own proposal lining our what research interests you’d like to look at, identify an artist you’d like to work with and what outcomes you envisage – this could be an exhibition, an event, a publication, a residency, online activity, live performances… we are open to hearing your ideas!

As freelancers and creatives ourselves we appreciate that you might have other commitments and so we are happy for you to work out your own timeline with the artist. For example, you could decide to do a month-long residency followed by an exhibition of work created at Ort Gallery. Or, you could work together over 12 months, exploring ways of working, coming together at different points and documenting the experience in video form for an online audience.

Ort and ICF will support the curator and the artist with 2 to 4 dedicated mentoring sessions depending on needs and availability. Moreover, you will receive training in the form of workshops by Ort Gallery to support your journey. This will be tailored to you and your identified needs and wants.

More info in the call out document here


(Artwork depicted here by Farwa Moledina)