Bald Black Girl(s) | Curating From The Margins Workshop

Stay at Home 3 October 2020
11:00 am
Join curator Cindy Sissokho for a session that will investigate the breadth of curating & what it means to do so urgently from the margins.

About this Event

This session aims to re-centralise erased and silenced narratives, locally and internationally, in the current sociopolitical climate. The session will also explore Cindy’s personal journey and the perspective of her curatorial practice within the context of “the contemporary art world” through life anecdotes, inspirations and references that drives her work.

Cindy Sissokho is a cultural producer, curator and young writer with a specific interest in intellectual, political and artistic aspects of decoloniality within the arts and ‘feminist’ movements. She is passionate about the dissemination of epistemologies and new cultural production from the ‘Global South’. She works as a Curator and Special Projects Producer at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham.



*You do not have to be a professional curator to partake in this workshop. You just have to be an individual interested in curation or potentially pursuing a career as a curator. Emerging curators are welcome.

*This workshop is for Black participants only. We do not associate with or endorse political Blackness.

*There is a limited amount of spaces for this workshop, so do buy your ticket quickly as to not miss out.



Please note: Ort Gallery is wheelchair accessible.


Supported by Arts Council England & Ort Gallery.