Intellectual Property | Workshop with Oğulcan Ekiz

Zoom 22 October 2022
3:00 pm

An online workshop looking at IP and copyright laws for artists and other creatives.

This workshop is for Ort Gallery members and Artists’ Union England members only.

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About Oğulcan Ekiz

Ekiz is a PhD researcher and lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the Queen Mary University of London. His research focuses on the UK copyright law’s impact on the recontextualisation of photography. His former research on copyright and film, and copyright and conceptual arts has informed articles that are published in respected peer-reviewed journals such as QMJIP and IPQ. Ekiz has been a collaborator with the Art/Law Network since 2018, and a contributing writer for the EEP (Eastern European Photographers) Berlin magazine since 2020. Ekiz publishes and exhibits his works of photography and photo-manipulations.

About Artist Union England

Artists’ Union England (AUE) is a TUC affiliated trade union for visual, applied, and socially engaged artists. AUE represents its members in strategic decision-making negotiations with government and others in order to gain fair pay and better working conditions for all artists.