Peer to Peer Critique Session

Ort Gallery 12 September 2019
6:30 pm

For September’s instalment of our monthly Professional Development sessions for creatives we are running a Peer to Peer Critique. Led my curator and Ort Gallery director Josephine Reichert this session is for members only. In order to become a member please go here.

This session will allow member artists to meet in an informal and safe setting to talk about their work, receive feedback, ideas, support and constructive criticism. The session will be led by Josie who will ensure the setting is supportive and constructive. The aim is to view your work through your audience’s eyes, receive feedback on it’s successes, try your hand at something new and get tips on where to go next.

Please bring one piece of work to look at and share with the group, something to take notes on and an open mind. Each artist will get a turn and we will break up into smaller groups if necessary. If you have any questions or worries ahead of the session please get in touch here.

For one month only we will have our session on a Thursday – apologies!