Photography Basics Workshop | Sumaya Ali

Ort Gallery 30 July 2022
11:30 am

Sumaya Ali will be delivering a photography workshop for beginners which will cover the basics of photography such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO. She will also discuss how light can be used to create a certain mood, elements of composition and how to capture the essence of a person in portrait photography.

As part of the workshop, participants will get the opportunity to share photographs they have taken (either printed out or on their camera/phone/tablet) and Sumaya will answer any questions and provide feedback on how the photographs may be improved.

Attendees will learn how to best utilise their camera settings to create beautiful photographs but also pick up practical skills about lighting, composition and getting the most out of their subject matter.

Who is it for?

This workshop is open to individuals of all ages and abilities with an interest in photography. The session is suitable for beginners and anyone who is looking for some practical tips on how to improve their photography skills.

Do I need to bring a camera?

Please bring along your camera (this can also be a phone camera, we can lend out a few cameras to use during the session). Please also bring any photographs you have taken for review and feedback. The photographs can be presented in printed or digital versions.


Tickets are on a pay as you feel basis – we recommend a £3 donation. Please choose a Free ticket if you are not in a position to pay for a ticket.