Santhanha Nguyen 29 August – 30 September 2020

“COVID19 has impacted everyone, giving us a harsh wake up call on various levels. For myself, it has shown me how precious time is and also how life can change in an instant. It has made me view my art practice as a non-negotiable part of my being whilst making me question my perceptions on what’s most important in my life. Before this, I barely made any art and felt like I had lost all creative drive. Whilst juggling work life and being a mother, I found it hard to make time focusing and creating paintings, which ultimately lead to my practice suffering and becoming non-existent. However, although these last few months have been challenging, it has given me the time to reflect and re-evaluate my life purpose. With the support from the Arts Council and Ort Gallery, I have been able to pursue my goal in becoming a full-time artist and explore my work further as a painter. It has also made me want to inspire my children by letting them see me work for and achieve my own goals.

Sunflowers have become a permanent memorial to those affected by the virus. However, I have chosen to use Orchids to reflect this as it is a symbol of health, good wishes and positivity.”

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Oil on MDF
Santhanha Nguyen

Thanks to Arts Council Emergency Funding we were able to support Nguyen to work on her professional development and create new work during lockdown.