Birmingham in Flux

Oliver Riley, Abbie Jewkes, Annie Drew, Luke Webb 30 November – 15 December 2017

Flux, or a state of change, is nothing new for Birmingham. Once a medium-sized market town it gained international prominence in the Industrial Revolution, leading advances in science, technology, political and economic development. Extensive war-time bombing and a deliberate policy of demolition by planners lead to redevelopment in subsequent decades. Today Birmingham is the UK’s Second City, has the largest library in the western world, 7 Universities, a pro-posed HS2 rail link and a total redevelopment of the city centre.

This exhibition by BCU fine art students join forces in a collaboration that seeks to reflect upon the reality of what lies beneath these changes, how change may impact upon those who live here and upon the different cultures that have been so important in the development of Birmingham’s identity. Flux is an artistic intervention that hopes to create a dialogue within the local community as to whether they consider these changes to be beneficial, detrimental or just inevitable.

Exhibition curated by Asuf Ishaq