From Chibok To Calais

Eca Eps 7 September – 11 November 2017

Ort Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition by Eca Eps, a British-Nigerian artist whose work intervenes on the shifting contest around rights and freedoms, centering on imposition, conflict and territorial struggles. Her practice often employs expansive and multi-disciplinary strategies and media including film, photography, sculpture, installation and performative action using speech and text as intervention.

In From Chibok To Calais, elements of soil and water are used to navigate the spacial and temporal process of migration by employing a tactile approach to displacement and survival. Bringing together seemingly disparate geopolitical concerns, the installation and performance interweaves the various concerns as universal. The materials present in the show are used to question the varying degrees of public participation and complicity as bystanders, opponent or activist.