Members Show 2017 Schwarmerei

Members Show 2017

Schwarmerei 11 May – 8 July 2017

This exhibition presents the art work of Schwarm members selected by the Ort Gallery directors Ridhi Kalaria, Ian Sergeant and Josephine Reichert. It celebrates the contribution of artists at all stages in their careers and promotes the creative talent from Birmingham and beyond. Ort Gallery is committed to supporting artists and providing professional development opportunities. As Schwarm members the artists benefit from peer to peer learning, opportunities provided by our partners and volunteering as well as paid opportunities in the arts industry. We work with and for our local community and ensure we facilitate dialogue amongst people from all walks of life.

Artists featured:
Hamid Jalil
Beryl Jalil
Jason Clark
Haider Akbar
Bernd Reichert
Joel Chernin
Kirk Andrews
Allan O’Neill
Jayne Bacon
Laurie Ramsell
Steve Berridge
Gina Smith
Sephi Duerden
Zbigniew Rzucek
Dave Barber
Mark Houghton
Michaela Hans
service users of SIFA Fireside