Truck Art

Uzmah Naz 21 July – 28 July 2021

Uzmah Naz is an artist and textile designer. She studied to degree level in printed textiles and surface design. Her company is called Truck Art and her passion and love is to make a range of products. Most of Uzmah’s work is hand painted with some digitally produced using her freehand art work.

Uzmah’s inspiration comes from South Asian art. Her design work is based on Pakistani truck art and the British lifestyle.

Her work fuses bold frilly patterns from both cultures. She loves the bright vibrant colours which come from both cultures as they take her work to another level altogether. Her pallet of colours are very multi coloured.

Uzmah loves using crystals and charms on her products and paintings. The glitter sends her crazy, she loves using it. All her work is fun and quirky and it has a story as she draws from the experience of travelling to Pakistan and Dubai. She was inspired by the rich colourful embroidery in Dubai.

As a British designer and artist she is inspired by these three cultures. Her work is contemporary, original and unique. She blends elements from all three cultures, such as the trucks, camels and the fabulous British pink colours.

Embroidery, colour and pattern inspires her to produce and make art work. She hopes her work is inspiring for others, as she is often inspired by other artists and designers.

This exhibition is a cumulation of work produced over five years: “All my work is made with love.”