Internal Research & Development Work 25 February – 31 May 2021

In autumn 2020 we embarked on an internal pilot research and development phase called “Warmth”. Here we share the initial research, findings and plans with you.

We want to make a lot of things more transparent as we realise that we have never shared certain workings from within our organisation. We are currently fundraising to keep this research going and to ensure we start from a place of “Warmth” for all future work.

Download the full Warmth report here

Please view all the Warmth Instagram slides here.

You can download relevant policies and documents here.

We welcome feedback, debate, criticism, sharing, even if it means us starting again from scratch. We also welcome people copying what we do. Let’s start sharing more, community means learning together!

A huge thank you to Sarah Lopez for her work on Warmth. Artwork by Sabba Khan.