Ort Gallery Team

Anisa Fazal
Diversity Consultant

Anisa is a photographer. At Ort Gallery Anisa is responsible for ensuring that our programme is diverse and relevant to our local audiences.


Ian Sergeant

Ian Sergeant

Ian is a Curator and producer of Visual Art and Cinema. He is the director of Kalaboration. At Ort Gallery Ian advises on the programme and curates exhibitions.

Josephine Reichert
Artistic Director

Josephine is a Curator and Producer of Visual Arts. Co-founder of Ort Cafe and founder of Ort Gallery. At Ort Gallery Josephine programmes, fundraises and curates exhibitions and events.


Ridhi Kalaria

Ridhi Kalaria

Ridhi is a local networker with a passion to change communities from within. Ridhi is a co-founder of Ort Cafe. At Ort Gallery Ridhi advises on finance and diversity.


Salma Zulfiqar
Community Ambassador and Artist

Salma is an international artist and activist. In 2016 she started
the Migration Project exploring the issue of migration and integration while empowering women, preventing hate crimes and extremism through creative expression. She also runs creative workshops called ARTconnects at Ort Gallery (and other venues).

Syd Shah
Community Ambassador

Syd runs Femtinos, an organisation providing creative, educational, fun and interactive STEAM workshops for children aged 3 to 16 years old in the Birmingham region. At Ort Gallery Syeda advises on the programme and runs workshops and events.