Ort Gallery Team

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Amelia Rouse
Volunteer & Member Artist

Amelia is an artist and engineer, interested in sci-fi, fantasy and world building. She produces drawings in pen and ink, 3d digital art and photography. At Ort Gallery, she supports our work with her time.

Anisa Fazal
Diversity Consultant

Anisa is a photographer. At Ort Gallery Anisa is responsible for ensuring that our programme is diverse and relevant to our local audiences.

Anisa is currently on maternity leave.

Hannah Adereti

Hannah Adereti is a Non-Binary academic and artist of Jamaican and Nigerian heritage. Their research centres Black identities, queerness, alternative ethnography, radio, photography, documentary film making and archiving. In 2019 they created a documentary, “Safe Spaces: Brown, Queer and Muslim” where they explored their interest in intersectional queer identity and the safety of compartmentalisation.

Ian Sergeant

Ian Sergeant

Ian is a Curator and producer of Visual Art and Cinema. He is the director of Kalaboration. At Ort Gallery Ian advises on the programme and curates exhibitions.

Jaleesa Padmore

Jaleesa is a recent University of Birmingham graduate undertaking a summer internship at Ort Gallery as part of the paid Experience Arts Internship programme. She will be supporting the team to plan and deliver an upcoming exhibition, observe workshops and receive mentoring from Ort Gallery team members.

Josephine Reichert
Artistic Director

Josephine is a Curator and Producer of Visual Arts. Co-founder of Ort Cafe and founder of Ort Gallery. At Ort Gallery Josephine programmes, fundraises and curates exhibitions and events.

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Kate Rafiq
Artist and Event Organiser

Kate is a local artist and founder / lead of Hayati Open Mic, a monthly online platform for emerging poets, storytellers and musicians to share their work. Hayati’s aim is to engage the brain, inspire the heart, and feed the soul.

Lesley Stewart
Volunteer & Member Artist

Lesley is a practising feltmaker and mixed media artist, interested in urban and coastal places and their connection to personal, social and political histories. For Ort Gallery she supports the Family Art Workshops.

Ridhi Kalaria

Ridhi Kalaria

Ridhi is a local networker with a passion to change communities from within. Ridhi is a co-founder of Ort Cafe. At Ort Gallery Ridhi advises on finance and diversity.

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Sadim Garvey
Cultural Action Zone Project Manager

Sadim is based at Moseley Road Baths as the administrator and communications lead. At Ort she is the Project Manager for the Cultural Action Zone which takes shape from October 2021 to March 2022. Sadim has over 12 years of teaching experience in Design and Technology and continues to work as a freelance web and graphic designer.

Samantha Krankpod
Workshop Facilitator and Artist

Samantha is a local ceramic artist with 20 years creative teaching experience, working with children, families and adults. Her most recent projects have been in collaboration with mental health charities, designing and delivering bespoke art projects. At Ort she facilitates Family Art Workshops.

Sampira Al-Fihri

Sampira is a horror producer and curator based in Birmingham. Her work centers around unheard voices and communities in horror and takes the form of immersive exhibitions that intersect visual art, grime, hip hop and film. She also works as a consultant and project officer with Inc Arts, who pioneer racial and disability equality in the arts.

Sarah Lopez
Artist & Audience developer

Sarah is a Birmingham based Community Coordinator who creates engagement programmes and workshops. She really enjoys work that empowers marginalised groups such as the LGBT and Black community. She's also a creative, her artistry includes photography, performance and songwriting.

At Ort Sarah is leading the Warmth work.

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Uzmah Naz
Volunteer & Member Artist

Uzmah is a textile designer and artist. She produces a range of products and paintings which are embellished and very vibrant in colour. At Ort she supports our work with her time.